More Bike For The Buck
SYKL Guarantee

If after riding your new Sykl Power Bike for 30 days, it isn’t everything we say and more, we’ll buy it back, no questions asked.

Why buy a SYKL

If you are looking for an e-bike you have probably already discovered there are a lot of options. Let us help you narrow things down.

11 reasons why to buy a SYKL

1. We eliminated the middleman


We are a direct-to-consumer e-bike brand. We have eliminated the middlemen (distributors, reps and retailers) and, by selling direct, we can pass the savings along to you. This means you get far more bike for substantially less money. But we weren’t the first D2C (direct-to-consumer) e-bike brand. So we have to offer even more.

2. The "More Bike For The Buck" Performance Guarantee


Sykl Power Bike is the best choice, our unprecedented satisfaction guarantee just might help you decide. You have no risk. We are so certain you will be more than happy with your new Sykl Power Bike, we offer this simple but powerful performance guarantee:

If after riding your new Sykl Power Bike for 30 days, it isn’t everything we say and more, we’ll buy it back, no questions asked.

Customer is responsible for return shipping

3. "Double Down" 2-Year Warranty


If you do the research, you’ll soon find that just about all e-bikes come with a single year warranty. We think that’s pretty minimal and doesn’t exactly elicit confidence that their bikes are made to last. We know a Sykl Power Bike is better built so we provide a Double Down 2-Year Warranty that covers against all manufacturing defects.

4. “Ryght Stuff” - Brand Name Battery and Motor


You may not be familiar with the Sykl brand, but if you know e-bikes, you will be familiar with the name brand batteries and motors we use to build our e-bikes. It’s largely the battery and motor that dictate the price and performance of an e-bike. At Sykl, we use 48 volt batteries made by Samsung or Panasonic, just like the well-known e-bike brands. We also use premium 750 watt motors from manufacturers like BaFang. This compared to the 250 to 350 watt motors you’ll find on box store e-bikes. And, we performance-match motor and battery to maximize battery life and range.

5. Everything’s Included


When you buy a Sykl e-bike it is fully equipped, accessorized and ready to ride. We include front and back fenders, front and rear racks, a rear basket and a drink holder. All things that we think should be standard equipment. This is not always the case with other e-bike brands who also seem to frequently be out of stock of these basic items which require an additional charge.

6. Better Built Bikes


Sykl Power Bikes feature a precision-welded, 6061 T6 aluminum frame for lightweight durability. The hardware is all stainless steel to guard against unsightly corrosion that can also affect frame integrity over time. Compare this to box store e-bikes that are typically made of steel which is both considerably heavier and susceptible to rust.

7. Long range performance


A very important aspect of an e-bike is range. Unfortunately, because there are so many variables, including terrain, temperature, weight of rider, speed traveled, etc., comparing range is difficult at best. Understand that all variables equal, range becomes a function of battery and motor, which is why we use the very best of both. As you will see in our video, our range, apples to apples, is significant and compares more than favorably to our more expensive competition.

8. “Know-It-All” Full Featured Display


Another key component on an e-bike is the display. Economy e-bikes employ simple red lights that are either on or off and offer no information. Most don’t even have an odometer or speedometer. A Sykl Power Bike features a high quality, easy-to-use and robust color display that provides you with speed, distance, trip, average speed, watts used and range; all information that is not just useful but imperative to know.

9. Tack Attack puncture resistant tires


All Sykl Power Bikes feature premium Kenda tires. Kenda is one of the largest tire makers in the world. The Kenda tires we use have a a puncture resistant tire liner that dramatically reduces your chances of having a flat.

10. "Ryde Right" adjustability


Rider fatigue is as much about ergonomics as it is about exertion. The frame, handlebars and neck on a Sykl Power Bike are ergonomically optimized to put your shoulders and body in the proper position which ensures rider comfort and minimizes rider fatigue. We call this Ryde Right Design and it's yet one more example of how a Sykl Power Bike is better built.

11. Free Shipping


It is almost an expectation today and, like just about everyone else, we, too, will ship your new Sykl Power Bike to your doorstep without an added shipping charge.


    Everything Included


    Puncture Resistant Tires


    Ryde Right Adjustability


    Rack Strength


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