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Which E-Bike is Best For Me?

Posted by Sykl Power Bikes on 1st Nov 2021

Every day you are presented with an abundance of options: What to eat? Who to buy from? Where to travel to? It can get overwhelming! If you are starting your journey into looking for an electric bike, you’ll see once again you are faced with a lot of options.

Before you jump into the different specs, we think it is important to decide what you want an e-bike for. Where will you be riding the most? Do you need to transport your bike often? These types of questions will help you figure out what type of e-bike is best for you. Once that decision is made you can jump into the different specs and narrow down your search.

Below is a breakdown of the different series Sykl offers: Compact, Metro and Xplorer.

Compact Series – Folding electric bikes without the usual compromises

Compact series power bikes easily fold to fit in your car, SUV, boat, plane, or RV. With an easy folding action, they will fit in tight spaces for you to use when you arrive. Despite their collapsing nature, these electric bikes still have top quality motors, batteries, brakes and include cargo-carrying capability.

Popular activities using the compact bikes: 

  • Trail riding (paved, gravel, off-road)
  • Commuting to the local store or farmer's market
  • RVing/Camping
  • Family bike rides
  • Staying active as you get older

Metro Series – Electric bikes for commuting, riding around town or as the perfect beach cruiser

Metro series power bikes are designed to be used where two wheels are better than four. Rather than sit in traffic, you can quickly get where you're going and carry what you need without working up a sweat or worrying about parking.

Popular activities using the metro bikes:

  • City cruising
  • Daily commuter
  • Trail riding (paved)
  • Family bike rides
  • Staying active as you get older

Xplorer Series – Fat-tire electric bikes for hunting or all-terrain exploration

Xplorer series power bikes are designed for rugged terrain, climbing hills and still offering long-range. Whether that means getting quickly and quietly to your hunting spot, climbing mountains to see what's at the top, or powering through the sand to watch a sunset down the beach, Xplorer bikes will get you where you want to go.

Popular activites using the xplorer bikes:

  • Off-road riding
  • Trail riding (gravel or paved)
  • Hunting
  • Transportation on private property

Every electric bike is a little different, and each one is designed for a specific purpose. As you can tell, there is a big difference between city commuting (Sykl Metro Bikes) and off-road mounting climbing (Xplorer Series). Hopefully this helped narrow your decision to the type of e-bike that is best for you, and now you can find the specific specs that mean the most to you.

As always, we are here to help answer any questions you may have: