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E-Bike Etiquette + Safety

Posted by We're Out N About on 10th Feb 2021

Let’s talk about e-bike etiquette + safety. If you are new to biking, it’s always important to follow local laws in regards to bicycling — for example, some cities do not permit riding your bike on sidewalks. It’s responsible to stay updated on your local laws.

When it comes to riding an e-bike, there are steps one should take to be courteous of other riders and pedestrians.

1. Know your surroundings

Pay attention to the posted speed limits on your route. Sykl power bikes have the capability of going 20+ MPH which is so much fun, but may be too fast for certain trails. Also, consider the type of trail you’re riding. Is this a walking trail as well or purely for cyclists? Are you riding on pavement, dirt, sand, or gravel? The terrain will greatly influence your ride and speed. Be aware of blind turns and avoid passing when you can’t see what’s around the bend in front of you.

2. Alert others

It’s common courtesy when riding to let others know that you’re getting close to them. If you’d like to pass pedestrians or other cyclists, use your bell/horn/voice to let them know you are approaching and going to pass on their left. It’s common for people to have headphones in and not be aware of you approaching them. Give yourself plenty of time and space to pass others.

3. Slowing down

E-bikes give you the capability of going much faster than other riders. To be courteous and to avoid giving e-bikes a bad reputation, don’t zoom past other cyclists or pedestrians. Stay safe and keep others safe. Depending on who you’re passing, that will determine your speed. If passing other cyclists, you will want to maintain a safe, but faster speed to pass with ease. However, if passing someone walking (especially with little ones or pets), we like to take it very slow and use speeds 0-1. A slow speed on an e-bike may still seem fast to the pedestrians and it’s all about being polite and respectful.

4. Wear a helmet

This sounds like common sense but as critical care nurses who have worked in a trauma intensive care unit, it has really reminded us how important helmets really are. Don’t end up with a head injury especially when you have a bike that can go 20+ MPH.

5. Use lights

Sykl power bikes come with headlights and taillights which really helps keep you safe as a Ryder. Although you may think lights are only meant to be used at night, but using them in the day helps you be more visible to other cyclists and the break light will even light up when you’re breaking to protect yourselves and others! It’s good E-bike etiquette to use your lights at all times when riding!