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Wait, you can still pedal with e-bikes?!

Posted by We're Out N About on 10th Feb 2021

The quick answer — YES! The coolest thing about Sykl Power Bikes is that you can ride them THREE different ways.

1. Twist Throttle

The first way to ride is by using the twist throttle on your handlebars. This feature does not require any pedaling and is one of our favorite features. We love this feature to assist “taking off” because you don’t have to worry about getting your feet onto the pedals, balancing your weight, and having enough foot power to get you started. The throttle allows you to ease into your ride effortlessly. It’s also a fun option to zip around if you don’t feel like pedaling anymore.

2. Pedal Assist

The second way to ride is the most common. It’s pedaling with the motor assist. Sykl power bikes have 5 levels of assist that helps you set your pace. Don’t be fooled by this setting, you will still get a workout from pedaling even with the motor assisting you! We’ve ridden several miles with the pedal assist on and have been super sore the next day! The 5 levels vary in speeds with the max speed just above 20 mph.

3. Manual Mode

Finally, you can turn your motor completely off and ride it like a regular bicycle. This setting is really fun to get a great workout. We love that Sykl Power Bikes have created e-bikes that can also function as a regular bike and will still work with a dead battery or without the battery. We don’t use this setting often — we did get e-bikes for a reason, right? However, it is fun to ride without any assist!

Having the ability to use your Sykl Power Bike as just a bicycle or a moped and everything in between is what sold us on these specific bikes — that, and the fact that they fold up nice and compact so they can go anywhere with us. We can easily fit two in the back of our SUV!